3 May & 4 May 2016. Domaine Chandon, Coldstream.

Sparkling Summit 2016

The most exciting and illuminating day of sparkling wine you could possibly imagine…

How many products create anticipation and excitement every time they hit the table? Sparkling wine has that rare quality to engage and delight but it is also a paradox. For a product whose sole purpose is to bring enjoyment, it has such a serious side – requiring time, patience, technical expertise and a touch of serendipity. It’s this contrast that creates endless fascination for our winemakers. At its core, Sparkling Summit seeks to share the enthusiasm we have for discovering the spectrum of sparkling wine.

The event is comprised of a series of punchy workshops with different sparkling-related themes. A number of renowned wine industry speakers will also join us to help lead the discussions.

The world of sparkling is vast so we hope to cover a lot of territory during this dynamic, interactive event. Are you ready to take on the Summit?

Sparkling Summit seeks to share the enthusiasm we have for discovering the spectrum of sparkling wine.



Daily inspiration is at our doorstep being based in the spectacular Yarra Valley, a leading winemaking region since 1840. With its stunning natural beauty and bounty of wonderful vineyard sites, winemakers and visitors alike respect the heritage, quality, energy and dynamism of the region.

It was this remarkable opportunity that was recognised by our Champagne founders, Moët & Chandon, and led to our development in 1986. We have carried parts of our French winemaking heritage into unique territory, crafting our own style of méthode traditionelle sparkling with an Australian signature.

From the outset we didn’t limit ourselves to our own backyard. We’ve discovered viticultural gems across Australia’s cool climate regions, including our own estate vineyards in the Yarra Valley, Strathbogie Ranges and Whitlands High Plateau. Our aim is to make distinctive and delicious méthode traditionnelle Australian sparkling wines which are complex, expressive and reflective of their cool climate origins.

Tenacity, adventure, patience and determination are required to master sparkling, but it’s the joy brought to our customers that drives this endless and intriguing journey.